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The HVTA was founded in November 2014 by Christian Pitts, RVT, and Jessica Boling, RVT. 


Once co-workers, the two had tossed around the idea of forming an organization that would help bring more CE to the Humboldt area, as well as help create a network of local veterinary staff and animal care employees to get to know one another and resource each other.

In March of 2017, The Humboldt Veterinary Technician Association acquired its 501(c)3 status and became a non-profit!


To date, there are approximately 12 veterinary hospitals in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, a local zoo, a county animal shelter, a humane society, and several local animal rescue and welfare groups. HVTA's goal was to create a neutral ground for all employees to be able to get together and pool their resources and knowledge.



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